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"Manners are what hold a society together..."
Jane Austen

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Previous Editions

Sent October 7, 2019
When and where is it appropriate to take off your hat?

Sent September 30, 2019
What does “No Gifts” on an invitation mean to you?

Sent September 23, 2019
Part II: What polite vocabulary do you know?

Sent September 16, 2019
Part II: How does one make an appropriate introduction?

Sent September 9, 2019
How does one make an appropriate introduction?

Sent September 2, 2019
Are you aware of these additional U.S. flag protocols?

Sent August 26, 2019
How do you become a world-class houseguest?

Sent August 19, 2019
What additional niceties should you consider for your houseguests?

Sent August 12, 2019
Are you “going green” for an elegant cocktail hour?

Sent August 5, 2019
What niceties do you bestow upon your house guests?

Sent July 29, 2019
Avert these 5 common gaffes during tea time!

Sent July 22, 2019
Which is more formal: high tea or afternoon tea?

Sent July 15, 2019
What polite vocabulary do you know?

Sent July 8, 2019
Wedding gift Q&A

Sent July 1, 2019
Why send your wedding gift in advance of the wedding?

Sent June 24, 2019
Do you know the difference between a place card and an escort card?

Sent June 17, 2019
What is the silent cue to your server that your are completed with your dinner?

Sent June 10, 2019
How to gracefully pass the bread

Sent June 3, 2019
When you are engaged, are both names printed on a thank you note?

Sent May 27, 2019
Do you know the protocol for the American flag on Memorial Day?

Sent May 20, 2019
Do you know how to be a respectful wedding guest at a church ceremony?

Sent May 13, 2019
Do you align your flatware when setting a table?

Sent May 6, 2019
Why is soft lighting imperative when entertaining guests?

Sent April 30, 2019
Postscript - Your Questions Answered

Sent April 22, 2019
What one element on the dining table will enhance anything served?

Sent April 15, 2019
How do you honor your guest of honor?

Sent April 8, 2019
What makes a proper dinner guest?

Sent on April 1, 2019
How long does a charger remain on the dinner table?

Sent on March 25, 2019
Do you know the regal way to hold a dessert fork and spoon?

Sent March 18, 2019
Do you know what a salt cellar is?

Sent March 11, 2019
Why is a receiving line such a lovely tradition?

Sent March 4, 2019
What is the most appropriate flower arrangement on a dining room table? Low is the way to go.

Sent February 25, 2019
How should one sit in a dining room chair? Gently!

Sent February 18, 2019
Monograms for a Married Couple: Whose Initial Goes First?

Sent February 11, 2019
What Goes Well With a Gift?

Sent February 4, 2019
Thank You Notes — Part V

Sent January 28, 2019
Why Are Menu Cards so Majestic?

Sent January 21, 2019
Thank You Notes — Part IV

Sent January 14, 2019
Favorite Etiquette Books

Sent January 7, 2019
Thank You Notes — Part III

Sent December 31, 2018
Thank You Notes — Part II

Sent December 24, 2018
Holiday Joy & Homemade Hostess Gifts

Sent December 17, 2018
Thank You Notes — Part 1

Sent December 10, 2018
Postscript — Your Questions Answered

Sent December 3, 2018
To Clink or Not to Clink? That is the Wine Question!

Sent November 26, 2018
Are you familiar with old-school napkin niceties?

Sent November 19, 2018
What does your handshake say about you?

Sent November 12, 2018
What are the FOUR words to say when introduced, while shaking hands?

Sent November 5, 2018
What is the most sincere type of sympathy card?

Sent October 29, 2018
How do I politely pass the port…and the potatoes?

Sent October 22, 2018
How do you sip your soup?

Sent October 15, 2018
How do you serve and clear the plates from the dining room table at a dinner party?

Sent October 8, 2018
When bread is served to you, what is the appropriate way to adorn your bread with butter?

Sent Monday, October 1, 2018
Where do you seat your guest, or guests of honor, at a dinner party?